2018 - 2019

Lives Full of Choices

4.4 STEM

Our programmatic focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) enhances students’ learning and skills so they establish a strong foundation to excel on par with their more affluent peers. 

3,500 students participated in the Celebrate Science & Engineering Program which culminated with a competition where 18 teams (83 students) presented their experiments before a panel of judges and their families. 

225 students participated in KidBot where they explored technology through the collaborative process of programming, designing, and building robots.

60 students participated in KidPress a program that integrates media tools to empower students to create meaningful interviews and online content while developing their critical thinking and communication skills.

  1. 1140 Inventors to the Rescue teams created and prototyped their own inventions using SOHO bricks.
  2. 451 Students participated in CoderTime where students learned binary code, sequencing, loops, functions, algorithms, debugging, patterns, and abstraction. 
  3. 800 participated in Our Perfect City where teams of students used SOHO bricks and activities to build communities.