2018 - 2019

Lives Full of Choices

4.5 Health & Wellness

Every student learned the importance of a consistent nutritious diet and exercising every day. We also focused on building partnerships with organizations and companies that offer health care services to our families in their neighborhoods.

  1. 1306 kindergarten students participated in University of California Cooperative Extension’s Happy, Healthy Me…Moving, Munching & Reading Around MyPlate program which provides an early introduction to healthy and positive attitudes around food, physical activity and overall health. 
  2. 1800 students and their family members attended the annual Family Health Festival where they sampled health snacks, played fitness games and participated in live cooking demonstrations and engaged in hands-on activities designed to promote an awareness of healthy lifestyles.
  3. 8,000 students participated in Common Threads’ Small Bites program and learned how to read nutrition labels, the benefits of eating a balanced meal, and the importance of healthy hydration.
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