2018 - 2019

Lives Full of Choices

4.7 Workforce Development

I am really proud that our department helped over 2,000
LA’s BEST program staff learn how to approach students with empathy. As most staff come from the same neighborhoods where they work and are often reminded of their own challenges while engaging with students, it’s been crucial to provide self-care tools that support building resilience.

Over the year we approached each training to inspire and motivate our program staff to be leaders. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we saw an increase in content retention, an interest in growing with LA’s BEST and eventually transitioning to careers in education and social services.

  1. 340 hours of staff development training, including topics such as Understanding Children: Emotional Regulation, Youth Development Principles & LA’s BEST Values and Adventures in Peacemaking
  2. 600+ LA’s BEST staff were trained in trauma-informed self care
  3. 800 new staff attended a special 6-half day orientation

Daniel Monterroso, Staff Development Coordinator
Next Gen Leaders Award Recipient –
National Afterschool Association, March 2019