2018 - 2019

Lives Full of Choices

Section 1.1 – Welcome: Chris’s Thank You Message

Chris Dusseault, Chair of the Board of Directors

LA’s BEST has a unique position in Los Angeles because of our incredible scale and impact. Since inception in 1988, over 400,000 students and their families have benefitted from LA’s BEST – and many of them were enrolled in our program for five or six years.

Last year we invested in an evaluation conducted by UCLA that found, elementary school children who attend LA’s BEST were

significantly less likely to drop out and more likely to graduate high school on time than students who did not participate in the program. Not only do we help students while enrolled, we have a lasting impact on their lives.

The influence of LA’s BEST is felt throughout Los Angeles thanks to dedicated supporters who value living in an equitable city. I am grateful to LA84 Foundation and Kaiser Permanente who have generously supported LA’s BEST for over 25 years. I also want to thank our Board Members who dedicate their time, energy and resources to help our kids thrive.

Together, we are giving kids from the most economically distressed neighborhoods of our city the foundation to lead lives full of choices.

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