2018 - 2019

Lives Full of Choices

Section 1.2 – Welcome: Eric’s Welcome Message

Eric Gurna, President and CEO

At LA’s BEST, we give children many opportunities to choose, to learn how to choose and to see they have the power to choose, because we want them to grow up to have lives full of choices.

Last year, we focused our programming and fundraising efforts on giving students access to as many enriching activities as possible. They chose to play basketball, learned about Aztec dance and coding and built their perfect city. These activities

and the many mentioned below helped our students discover their passions and sparked their interest to learn more.

Given the power of choice and the tools to help navigate the decision making process, our students are more invested in their education and inspired to have dreams for their future.

Thanks to you, our family of supporters, we helped provide children with opportunity and access to discover new things and enrich their lives.

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